Guarding Futures, One Ride At a Time!

We Provide S.A.F.E., Reliable,
and Secure Youth Transportation

Guarded Youth Transportation LLC specializes in S.A.F.E. , reliable, and secure youth transportation. We operate a nationwide air and ground service , available 24/7. We're dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each organization, facility, caseworker, and client we serve. Our commitment is to provide your agency with transportation that is aligned with your values.

Nationwide Coverage

Offering 24/7 air and ground transportation across the country, ensuring timely and safe travel for every journey.

Youth-Focused Care

Dedicated to the specific needs of youth, providing a S.A.F.E and secure environment for all passengers.

Tailored Transport Solutions

Versatile enough to meet various needs, spanning from juvenile detention facilities , non-profit organizations, to transfers within the foster care system.

Who We Are

At Guarded Youth Transportation LLC, we blend experience, compassion, and dedication to deliver transportation services that prioritize the care and well-being of youth. Founded on principles of trust and reliability, our team is committed to making every journey a S.A.F.E. and secure experience. Our story is one of innovation, community involvement, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in secure youth transportation services.

Prioritizing Safety in Every Journey

At Guarded Youth Transportation, we understand the critical role our vehicles play in safely transporting our clients. That's why we adhere to stringent maintenance protocols and equip our fleet with advanced safety features.

Comprehensive Vehicle Checks

Our rigorous 47-point inspection routine guarantees that each vehicle meets the highest standards of safety and reliability before every departure.

Advanced Navigation Systems

Equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology, our vehicles are navigated efficiently and accurately, ensuring timely arrivals at each and every destination.


Our vehicles are outfitted with advanced equipment designed to significantly enhance the safety of our passengers and staff, including protective seat belt guards.

Focused Communication

Our hands-free communication systems allow our agents to stay connected and informed while prioritizing the safety and attention required for each transport.

Serving a Diverse Range of Needs

Dedicated to accommodating a broad spectrum of secure youth transportation needs, we specialize in services for a diverse array of sectors. Our expertise encompasses collaborations with Departments of Family and Children’s Services, Juvenile Detention Facilities, Behavioral and Mental Health Facilities, Substance Abuse and Residential Centers, among others. Each partnership is approached with a commitment to tailor our services to the unique requirements of every organization and individual we serve.

Ready for S.A.F.E., Reliable, and Secure Youth Transportation?

Experience the difference with Guarded Youth Transportation LLC. Our commitment to safety, punctuality, and exceptional service sets us apart. Whether for individual needs or organizational requirements, we ensure every journey is managed with the utmost care and professionalism. Don’t just take our word for it – request a transportion quote today and see how we can make a difference for you.