Frequently Asked Questions

S - Secure Routes and Stops: Ensuring that transportation routes and stops are well-planned, secure, and free from potential hazards, providing a safe environment for boarding and disembarking.

A - Attentive Supervision: Implementing vigilant supervision by trained staff members during transportation, ensuring the safety and well-being of all passengers.

F - First Aid and Emergency Preparedness: Equipping transportation vehicles with first aid kits and ensuring staff are trained in basic first aid. Additionally, having clear protocols and procedures in place for handling emergencies during transportation.

E - Educational Initiatives: Implementing training, readiness, and optimal procedures to cultivate a culture of awareness and responsibility across all transportation aspects.

S.A.F.E emphasizes the importance of a secure, supervised, and well-prepared environment for youth transportation, promoting the security and well-being of all passengers involved.

"Provide punctual departures and arrivals of youth with a primary focus on the safety and care for those we serve."

Guarding Futures, one ride at a time!

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